Watermarking Evaluation Bench for Content Adaptation Modes (WEBCAM)

Deepayan Bhowmik and Charith Abhayaratne

Framework Overview

Watermarking Evaluation Bench for Content Adaptation Modes (WEBCAM) is a modular and extensible software framework for evaluating of robustness of image and video watermarking to content adaptation attacks associated with multimedia communication over heterogeneous networks to various display devices catering different usage preferences. When content is coded using scalable coding algorithms, the resulting bit streams can be adapted just by discarding the unimportant parts of the bit stream, without full or partial decoding. WEBCAM emulates these types of content adaptations, considering a multiple-node communication network, where the adaptations can be made at multiple nodes, repetitively.

WEBCAM also provides a tool repository for wavelet-based watermarking to enable controlled experimentation for their parametric evaluation, in terms of both embedding distortion and robustness to content adaptation attacks. This is achieved by dissecting commonly used wavelet-based watermarking algorithms into modular tool blocks and fitting them into a common framework.

Different tools may be picked and mixed by the users to design new wavelet-based watermarking algorithms using WEBCAM.


  1. Content adaptation attack emulation tools:
    • Network link and node selection.
    • JPEG2000-based content adaptation.
    • Motion-JPEG2000-based content adaptation (In future releases).
    • H.264/SVC-based content adaptation (In future releases).
    • Chnannel models (In future releases).
    • Channel coding (In future releases).
  2. Wavelet-based image watermerking tools repository:
    • Wavelet kernel choices.
    • Host subband choices.
    • Host coefficient choices.
    • Coefficient modification method choices.
  3. Wavelet-based video watermerking tools repository: (In future releases).
  4. Evaluation tools repository:
    • Embedding performance: Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR).
    • Embedding performance: Data capacity.
    • Authentication: Hamming Distance.
    • Authentication: Similarity correlation.

WEBCAM Licensing

WEBCAM is free for non-commercial use. People who are publishing scientific results obtained with the help of WEBCAM are requested to cite the following publication.

D. Bhowmik and C. Abhayaratne, A framework for evaluating wavelet based watermarking for scalable coded digital item adaptation attacks, in Proc. SPIE Wavelet Applications in Industrial Processing VI, vol. 7248, 2009, pp. 72480M (10 pages).   SPIE Link   PDF   Bibtex

Other Related WEBCAM Publications

D. Bhowmik and C. Abhayaratne, Evaluation of Watermark Robustness to JPEG2000 Based Content Adaptation Attacks, in Proc. IET International Conference on Visual Information Engineering (VIE), 2008, pp. 789-794.   IEEE Link   PDF   Bibtex

D. Bhowmik and C. Abhayaratne, A watermark evaluation bench for content adaptation modes, in Proc. 4th European Conference on Visual Media Production (CVMP), 2007.   IEEE Link   PDF   Bibtex


EPSRC Logo 1. This project is funded by BP-EPSRC Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Award.

2. Part of the content adaptation module consists of executable files from Kakadu JPEG2000 implementation. Kakadu JPEG2000 copyright is owned by NewSouth Innovations Proprietary Ltd, commercial arm of the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.